Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last Pic XD

One more. Its so true XD

Another Cool Pic

I am getting a ton of cool pictures XD Like it? its really, before and after a pet XD

Just like this picture XD

Friday, January 30, 2009


Sigh... I was supposed to watch amovie today, but I caught a cold, and could not go :( hmph. I wish I could have gone though. We were supposed to watch slumdog millionaire too.. So, it leaves me with less to write about.
What about yesterday? Well, the Freshman Sex retreat was anything but sex, and it was pretty boring. The coolest part was when the alumni came, and tim kept asking them questions XD Its ok Ilean Chai's little brorther! But all in all, it sucked.
After school I went to emily's house, played rockband, and then went to carmenita's open house.. It was pretty cool, and we finally got to use teh fitness lab that was supposed to come out LAST january so we could have used it. And we paid for it. Oh, and Tim, I am WAY faster than you on rowing. You cannot beat me. Said hi to everyone there and went to CTV to see that Bloemsma looks the way he should with his orientation, and to see tons of people who recognized me. AND no one referred to Tech Talk XD
Today, got sick, could barely move, So i ws playing fire red all day, training my pokemon! I have no life...
Ok, too sick to write more. BYE!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


YAY! Comps are done for. Well, at least these comps XD. I am so glad. No more comps, and I think i might of done well on most of my semester comps. Math and Bio were pretty hard, but I hope I did ok
I finally figured how XD looks like Ralphs Face. It DOES! It is so tite. Ralph smiles enuff to make it look like that XD
I was at Tim's house today for the first time. It was pretty nice. His mom is pretty cool, and he showed me like 50 mangas that he said I really REALLY needed to read. About 10 of them had porn... What does that tell you? Ahahaha
I got the music player finally. YAY! And, Andrew put one in, but I changed it and put my old one in (that I dint know I had, but was on my myspace) I had no idea...
SEX ED TOMORROW! I am excited! You? I know tim is excited(he dint wanna show it) and isabel (yes, I read other ppls blogs XD)
COMMENTS ARE FIXED! You can finally comment. THank you andrew.
I have to leave now. Relatives are here, dont wanna keep them waiting.
To end this, I feel like showing you the daners of Fast food (and why KFC is better than McDonals XD)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

hi my name is andrew. hou. and i am on avis blog. fixing up some stuff.
for instance, adding a HOME link. because im anal like brice and i get pissed without that stuff.
yesireedoodlebop. =)
expect a music player tomorrow?

COmps Continue!

So, its still comps... Woopee. I should be studying but not blogging, but, thats what I did yesterday. *GASP* Yep, first day since I started that I skipped a day in my blogspot. I bet you did not even notice. hmph. Well, I got English, Japanese, PE, and History comp done with. My two hardest comps are tomorrow! Math, and Bio! Im worried. These comps can make or break my grade. Shit. Shit. Well, ima leave early, since I need to study. To keep you company, I will let you watch this video. Its pretty funnay XD

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Talking Time XD

So, its time for comps. woohoo. One last day of freedom before the tests finally land upon us. And, I spent it doing stuff in preparation for the tests. Whats that called again? Oh ya! STUDYING. AGH! I used to never have to study. NEVER! And I had a freaking 4.0 GPA back at carmenita. What is so different? Sigh, I miss those days. The days where getting an A on a test just meant paying attention in class. The days where life was easy. EASY! sigh. Wish me luck!

So, this blogger thing isnt half bad. I edited my tagboard, got my usic set up for andrew to put in (thank you andrew) and got archives in. BUT ONE THING IS PISSING ME OFF! I canot get the freaking comments thing to work. Like, I took michelles advice, and got the code from blogger help, but all i have is this dead link that says post comment, but doesnt do anything! HELP! its painful, since I want to know what people think of this thing :) And so, right after this text, there shall be a quick comment box that might work. If it doenst, I need someone to help. I will even let you do it XD


Comment Box

Like it? I have no idea how this thing will work

Ok, so, Ima go now. COMPS!

EDIT: the comment box dint work. Ima just leave it for entertainment XD

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Should be studying

So, I changed my layout... It seems interesting. And I think it reflects me a lot. I have not finished editing it, but I think, for right now, whie studying for comps, it will do. Oh, and this time, i set it up without isabel's help XD. I feel really good.
No more referring to myself as a weird person anymore. I know that only people I know are going to read this blog, and no random people I have no idea who they are are ever going to choose and read this. I think, I need to start and make my life more exciting so this blog does not get boring.
Today I went swimming for the first time in a while. A LONG WHILE. One week XD. It was just me, chris, and emily. Opal ditched (for her "aunt"), and I finally improved my dive. YAY! And Emily is not that bad at swimming.
Well, that minivan? FINALLY FIXED! Somewhat. Hopefully, it isnt the car I have to drive. Then its not gonna work out.
My family wanted to this big thing and go out as a family somewhere, so i did. We went to the dog park with my dog and sis (do not know the difference) and to that really cool light house park in long beach
Its FINALS TIME! and i really need to study, yup. But the picture on the left explains really how I am feeling, and what ive been doing.
Comps schedule
ednoff (athletics) - dalley
You know, for the idiot who stole the tests, I really think it isnt that bad that we have an essay for bio comp. It was what perry needed to do.
Ok, now, I REALLY need to go back to studying


Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Kinda Fun XD

So, I think I like this idea of blogging, no? It does seem like an interesting way to waste your life, even though some people earn millions from blogging (how? I have no idea...) most people just do this for the hell of it. And, so do I! Lets see... Oh yes, OBAMA IS PRESIDENT! and gitmo is closing (and if you know that, you are smart, or are older than 16) Well, today it rained, making me feel happy, and I guess from that, you can figure out that I love the rain. So, spur of the moment, I just decided to go and watch the girl's soccer game against Oxford high (Whitney's "rival") and cheered them on. It was a spirit game and only 8 people were there.... what does that tell you? They lost, but guys soccer is going to CIF! WOOT! All of this crap about someone else, and not bout me. Oh, and my spelling might have gotten worse, since I really don't care here. Well, after the game, I was feeling happy, and today was the homecoming game (i know it isnt football season, but Whitney is 99 percent asian. imagine a short little asian dude trying to block. i thought so.) And so, it was a nice day. Then news came. My Bio teacher was pretty angry, since some freaking idiot stole a copy of each form of the final. SO now, we have an ESSAY to add to our final of 100 mutiple choice questions.

On a a lighter note, here is this tight Obama Video.

anfd if it doesnt work, i have no idea why.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My First Blog ....

So, apparently this is a place to write things down huh. Well, a ton of people seem to have these freaking things, so why not me? I mean, what is the point of blogging? Put down your feelings for the whole world to see? Or just make an idiot of myself on the internet? Fine, I'll just tell you (whoever you are) a few things about myself... I have a family, and there is me. I am brown skinned (Indian or Mexican, who gives a damn nowadays?) and I am tall for my type of ethnicity (yes, 5'6" is tall). I have a dog, named after the Chesapeake Bay (don't ask) and I don't think I can live without her. You are not going to get anything about my family, since they have a right to their privacy. My dog is awesome though, because it is scared of anything, but if threatened, it will eat you ALIVE. Anyways, I think I should stop this stuff...
So, I go to one of the top ten schools in the nation (Whitney for all of you that care) and Comps are coming up. Whoopee. All of our teachers have been cramming all of this stuff down us the week before our semester finals, so that we should know all the stuff that we are supposed to know... Lets see what I had this week, no?
Two math tests
Two weird tests for English just to earn them more money
A Bio Project which we were given 2-3 days to complete (and it requires a writeup, a commercial, and an ad)
Japanese Oral exams (yes I am an Indian in Japanese. Now you have seen the impossible)
A History test (one where we had no time to study what so ever, and never even went over the info)
Oh, and we just got a Bio test back, i got a 92, and on my history test? 100 :P
So, to make this even worse, it was the week of my Parents Anniversarry, so I needed to get them a gift right? Well, we went to Medieval Times, and the Red knight was freaking tight.
The car my parents drive broke down today, so I had to push a 2 ton car from the left turn lane all the way to the right.
Oh, and the girl I like is different now...