Monday, April 27, 2009


for a mass update on my life (that you probably don't care about)

hmm, last real post? wednesday xD

ok. lets begin with thursday!

Thursday: I woke up a little earlier to go to the kiwanis meeting. It wasn't bad, and the Kennedy kiwanis chair looked kind of like ellen wang. (and Alan got her number xD) Then it was school, which escapes my mind right now xD then it was swim and ID practice xD (swim was all of os setting our sets, and tim's a good captain) AND AND AND our chinese dance is awesome now thanks to tim. x)

Friday: School was chill and rosenberg was still all I HATE YOU and makes me mad egh. Swim we played polo x) I miss it now... Those were fun and good times. Well, it was fun. Then it was off to the benefit for the blind We had to go back to my house to get the tickets too, and then come back. It was pretty cool too. I got to know Emily Liu, and got 8 hours. And it wasn't that hard to do either. And I learned that Super Cr3w is really nice. It was fun x) hehe.

Saturday: MUN :O It was pretty awesome seeing all the cerritos people again. But they had to kill us at MUN. I helped Opal win her first award too x) and I met someone from my Los Al committee. It was pretty awesome. And Bangladesh was a b*tch. But Russia was hot. and our committee was like all BS. x)

Sunday: Nothing, but Nitin wants to learn how to flirt

Monday: I was so screwed for history. But everyone else in Rosenberg was even more screwed. I'm so glad I was grown to watch history channel for fun. x) Cards, Swim, ID. Yea. Basically it x)


Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's been a while, but the main reason I'm posting is...

The fact that Ralph is a very old part of our class. Happy 15th birthday Ralph!
You know, now, you can legally leave school and enter the workforce officially. xD And I'm not going to do a whole how I met you story because your soo cool for that. And Your always going to be around x). But, because your so cool, I will do that story hehe xD
Didn't really know you at the beginning of the year. I remember, the first time I really talked to you was when we made that "fire" with books. And its pretty awesome knowing you still xD
My story cannot be that long, just because I've known you for like four months! But more stories are going to come!! And I forgot a pen, otherwise I'd have gotten you the autographs from Super Cr3w xD Wish you could have come! Next time I meet someone cooler I'll get their autograph. So you gotta sign a piece of paper for me, since yourr wayy cooler xD

Sorry it has to be short x) But maybe we can sit on tim again someday x)

I'll make an update later x)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I shouldnt

but im blogging when I should be doing a rosenberg worksheet.

well, today seems packed and fun.
oh, and yesterday

Yesterday - Well, dalley ranted again (interestingand i failed brice quiz.) bio was normal, now i sit next to chris xD japanese was ok, all review crap, lunch was nothing, and rosenberg was normal, leaving swim to an easy varsity practice where tim and i cut like crazy.

Ok, real post for today xD

2 - Nothing but discussing fahrenheit
3 - New crap and failed quiz because of a negative sign
4 - blood vessels and finallly were able to do our presentations !!!!
5 - sub who didn't do anything
Lunch - KEY CLUB INTERVIEW. It was scary, but i know most of cabinet, so it was relaxing. And opal don't know the cheer :O
6 - video!!! that was pretty funny
swim - jv practice, with buckets and doing build ups on pullouts and pushups. im sore

and today, im just swamped with homework. tooooo much. got half of notes finished too. but it was WAYYY too much.

HEYHEYHEY I have to wake up early on thursday to go to Alan's house to go to the kiwanis meeting. WOOT! and i wont be home until 7:30. so I'll be away from home for 13 hours. eh

I'm trying out for IC. Commissioner of fundraising? I doubt it. My competition is going to kill me with their experience. It's the downside of being new x( Well, wish me luck!


Izzy - She's too special for my blog!
Renz - Angel had to say I NEED TO GO PEE at the top of her lungs. and we still have to do tims dare xD

Not Much
bl2fin123 - I love typing your name. let's translate what you TYPED
svi you're such a bunghole and NUB D: who's svi? and whats a bunghole?

And I'm done, leaving you off with a question! What are your crazy extra curriculars?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

not much

I went to a museum. Big Whoop
But at least I gotta hang out with devansh xD

Friday, April 17, 2009


I have something to actually write about xD Other than being sick or swim!!

Yesterday we played polo. It was pretty fun. and some swim people should(ve) join(ed).

Today was 17 again. Played poker and everything, bet using GO pieces, and I won WOOT.
Then we watched the movie. Apparently I was in the couple row, so i became stuck with CHARLES -.- EWWWWWWWW. He was throwing ice and water at chris/sarah... wow...
Then it was LUNCH TIME. had a 6inch subway sandwich, and gave my drink to the not eating guy named chris. Then we went to borders to escape the flirtaatious suggestiveness. And we couldn't fin a Twist in my Story. eh. YOUTUBE. ok, then we said hi to ingrid, went back, then went to borders again and looked at all the weird books (and how Josh explained people looking at the kama sutra books...) Then we went to the kids section to play with puppets, and they kicked us out xD. Thats when people started leaving X( But we played texas hold'em for dares. I skipped around the fountain, angel had to pee, alice told someone it reallly smelled then took their drink, and we are saving tim for monday. HELP US THINK OF IT! then tim and i played psoy and shithead. Then he went home and I had teriyaki chicken and walked home

FUN FUN now its time to respond to backlogged comments.

Spring Break Arrival
Sarah - He always rants, jsut not like that xD

FOrget the Update
Emily - I don't its just the weird picture. And I can see. its not bad. And I ate oranges xD

It's a While

Izzy - I was sick for a LOONG time. Half of break :O And I can't have ice cream. I'm lactose Intolerant
Aparna - Yes, yes I did.
Emily - I did that too xD

Andy - OF COURSE they are weird. thats me xD But now its back to normal xD
bl2fin123 - OMIGOD You're back. I missed you! Are you gonna tell me who you are anytime soon? You're like a couple of my friends put together. egh. TELL ME!

and something I bet youve been mising. QUESTION!
What have YOU done spring break?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I solved a rubik's cube

I had help xD

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Its a While

But I don't feel like it. Only interesting thing? Cousins came xD and I am STILL sick.

Friday, April 10, 2009

FOrget the update

Why? because I am SICK.
egh, i ahvent really been sick since like January. Dam sister gave me the couh.
Well, here is a little known fact
I should be wearing GLASSES! (had them since 6th grade)
So, only my classic carmenita friends and the leal pplz would know about my glasses. That means Emily, Opal, Tim, (maybe) Kyle, and others!
And I am comparing pictures, and I look slightly different. More mature with teh glasses I guess. xD
Izzy is making me post them...

Me before.

Me now!
Different much? COMMENT!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break ARRIVAL!

Today was... interesting?

2 - Dalley has NEVER ranted this much. He was ranting on how we take over our lives with technology, and all of that crap. It was good though, and funny. And the murderer is interesting. CITICARDS!
3 - Gandhi again. No hw xD Thanks for turning my hw in chris.
4 - Sub that reminded me of a blonde version of Dr. house.
5 - Singign and presentations.
6 - Notes, but got to leave early
Swim Meet - One thing - WE DIED

I dont feel like blogging rite now. I have to do a mass comment replying tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DOnt feel like doing a real post, so here is a fat person trying to get a cookie (no comments replying for a bit, not until spring break comes)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh, remmeber to remember today!!!!! (i gotta blog tomorrow)

Monday, April 6, 2009


ITS SO HARRRRRD egh. We spent from 4-9 at my ouse working on the project, and its DONE. so many misadventures

The shirt was SOOOO awesome today. hehehehehehe I need to get the cable to make my ipod work :O
What happened today? Nothing really. We were supposed to CHOOSE seats in brice, but I was given a FORCED seat. -.- Eh. Funny joke she made when I played the music from my shirt, but kinda scary
"Where's that music coming from?" "FROM AVI'S CHEST" -.-
Working on bio, people kept asking me how I washed the shirt -.-
Japanese was first two projects going, we are tomorrow. I can fail. I have a 96 xD I care more about bio. eh.
MUN was just going over crap. I pissed off rosenberg because the siren was something that traumatize him as a little boy. If you read this Mr. Rosenberg, I am Sorry!!!!
And Swim was tiring because I think Tim is ignoring again (eh) and I did NOT feel like swimming.
CHARLES and CHRIS came over. We raped each other (more like me and charles raped chris xD) AND I DON'T WANT ANY TECHNICALITIES!!!! It was work, play, work, rape, work, serious talk, while I worked, make video, work, play around, make fun of chris, and FINISH. xD

and now I am going to finish. another longer thatn usual post
John - Its cuz I am speshul xD
Emily - hehehe, that was the POINT xD. Oh, and Im probably not going this year. I need to do a lot this summer. Since I freaking forgot to sign up for health IS.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

MASS Update

Dammit, keep on accidentally publishing without finishing -.-

Ok, so I was gone the whole weekend for key club DCON
It was pretty fun

Lets begin

Friday, was math and history comps, got the same score for both (87) went home, got packed up for dcon, got a ride from Alan, and then i was there
well, apparently, the point of DCON is to appoint the new district board. before Friday, i didn't even KNOW we had a district board...
Jonathan Yang spoke a lot, which was good, and we saw this motivational speaker on the first day. It was fun. Then we saw a ton of service projects and met all the candidates (NICK TOO!)

(grace had to lave for this whole day :O)
we got back at like 11:30, and knocked out. Woke up at 6:15 got ready,and went down for breakfast (I wasn't back for the next EIGHTEEN hours) egh. So, it was breakfast, and then it was caucus session. That was kinda boring. But nick made a good speech. He should have gotten tech editor, because he had SOO many more more qualifications. well, its ok, he has another year. Then we went to all these orkshops, learned how to say thank you well, slept in project planning (one of the tips "Don't put your members to sleep") , and then punlicity. Then we had lunch (WOOT) and a general session (which was ok). Then a session on how to save our service, and how to handle large clubs( the most HELPFUL one). Then we had an hour break, and then dinner. THe final general session was worth it. Grace came back then. It was fun. Waching asians fail at dancing too. And it was all the awards too. Division 30 South is so great, we won so many awards (thats our divison). Whitney won distinguised club, best year in review(digital) and platinum best single service project (OPERATION: Christmas) Oxford won a lot too. It was good. Then, it wasnt over yet! Nick lost at election, but, we had the governors ball. It was a nice dance (only one slow song) but this is where i make my romantic check list xD
[/] First Date (CTY)
[/] First Slow Dance (last summer... amazing, aint it)
[/] First (accidental) Freak (governors ball)
Wow.. So slow. And yes, it was accidental... Apparently, I was dancing, and a girl just came infront of me and yea.....
I still have so much left (girlfriend, kiss, f*ck....) yea, a LOT. xD
After the ball, we went to sleep. had to wake up early YET AGAIN for the walk for life, then had to eat. egh. At least, for breakfast, it was good food (Saturday's breakfast was WIMPY - bagels and juice) Then it was general session, where the District Governor gave a 20 minute speech and then we left

I came home, was on the computer for an hour, then went to take a TWO hour nap, which ended up being EIGHT hours. And I'm still tired -.- egh.

Finally, it comes to now. COMMENTS

And I dont care when, I am just replying xD
actually, i do

Two Words

Alice and Renz - your comments were longer than what I wrote -.- hehe. And no, I am not getting any nuts.


IZZY! - YAY! You made my day when you siad that xD. (on thursday, not today) What if, you were the only one with powers... THen there would be no one's to absorb!!!! and Im sorry to take your word.

Alice - Didnt I do that? ok, Good idea. Fly away from all your troubles, and then be free. I like that. No mreo Alice zuo, eh? xD JKKK!

Andrew - Then get bitten by a radioactive form of a being. xD

John - No one cares that much.... You sometimes do the same xD

Aparna - WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? WHOA. just dont read my mind! You'd die from the pain.

QUESTION - Worst Comp? (LOOOONG post.)

Friday, April 3, 2009



Thursday, April 2, 2009

Two Words

I'm screwed.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Dam, I hate rosenberg and his notes... But I shouldnt complain. Some people dropped so much and didn't deserve it. I raised =D yay! I went from a 92 to a 91 to a 94. I love quizzes. Ill help you study if you need help!!!

Eh, i came normal time. Free seventh, discussed the whole tim-ralph-chris april fools crap. eh, tim went a little far. Ima help him say sorry to Izzy, Alice, and Ellie.
And remember this day as the day Tim gave up Alice Zuo. yeee.

Well, the day was uneventful
The bio comp was ok, not hard, but not that easy. I think I did ok.
I need a 98 to get a A in math X(
Oh yea, we swam. Me and tim, only JV guys -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

Ok, not much today. Comments!!!

Izzy - You never answer my questions... But your comments still are COOL. but dont laugh. Cause im confuzzled.
John - Too bad. ehehe. NO SPELLING ERRORS!
Emily - thank you, you're lucky, and my stomach hruts xD

Question? - What superpower do you want?