Sunday, June 28, 2009

India x)

Well, I personally found out that you cannot blog from an iPod touch
so I have all these drafts with titles, but not anything in it
So, I decided to finally get access to a computer.
How long have I been here? I think a week and a half
and its been awesome

First day
Well, Ima include to plane rides here too. So, I went on the plane. IT WAS AWESOME!! They had like, all the awesome movies that I missed from the last year. So I watched watchmen, transporter 3, and he's just not that into you. They had jason mraz, colbiecalliat, linkin park, mika, and even J POP AND KPOP xO. It was tight. Then I landed in Dubai first. Every place there has airconditioning. Even the street shops xO Because its like 40 degress celsius there (104 degrees fahrenheit for you "americans" xP) Went pretty much anywahere that we could do in a day. There were soo many malls. One mall had like, 7 country malls. India, China, Egypt, all of that. That should be enough motivation for you guys. xP Then I left on the plane to India

Day 2 - Day 5?
I arrived late the night before, and came home and slept off the jet lag. And when I say ome, I mean my cousins house x) First thing in the morning was breakfast, and I think I imed. I went to the ambience mall and bowled. Indian malls are awesome. this one was about 3/4 a mile long and FIVE stories high. I can imagine you girls begging to come here xD I saw indian actors and actresses that you guys never heard of. Katrina Kaif, John Abraham, Neil Nitin Muteshkar. Yee. Then I just went to meet my cousins in the city near to delhi. It was awesome. My cousins reading this rite now too xP. I went to a /farm place and did fun things. And I'm shortening this a lot because I want to get to the whole family trip we went on afterwards.
One thing before we start
I need to tell you how you call aunts and uncles in hindi
Mom's side
Aunt - Mosi
Aunt's Husband (related by marriage) - Mosaji
Uncle - Maamaa
Uncle's wife (related by marriage) - Maamee
Grandmothers and great aunts - Nani
Grandfathers and great uncles - Nana

I don't need to tell you the father side today x)
Day 6- Yesterday
Part 1
Everytime we come here, we go on a family trip. Its my mom's side of the family, and we go to pretty awesome places. Once we went to a desert and celebrated my birthday, once we went to a mountain and had a crazy roller coaster car ride( my 25 year old cousin is a crazy driver), and my cousin got hurt (not from the car ride), and now, we went to Rishikesh which is a religous place. And I loved the whole trip. So first, before it, we went to this amusement park which was on the way. It was pretty much an old, rundown carnival where the rides would go way too fast. But, it was CRAZY fun because I almost flew off. Not very descriptive but the crazy stuff came after, on the last day. But I'll get to it. So, after that hot hot place (avg temp being in the 40s celsius) we went in the airconditioned car and went to Rishikesh. Long drive, but it was worth it. First night, I met my great aunt and dipped my feet into the ganga. Thats the REAL name of the ganges. But yea. Then, the next day I woke up at 4:30 in the morning for the morning prayer x) One hour for it too x) Then I went and dipped my feet into the river, the dirty dirty river, to bless them xP. Then, I had breakfast, and just relaxed, playing with my cousins. As a requirement for being at the temple I was at, we had to serve food, so I went, and I served people Indian food from buckets. Then I was served like that too x) Then my Maami arrived form the Austin, Texas, and we went on the take a bath in the ganga. Yea, I went into the river. And I held the chain for everyone so we wouldn't get caught by the current. Afterwards, I got back to dress in Indian clothes and go for a prayer on the bank of the ganga. It was pretty fun. Then when I was in the room, I locked the door. But I went to sleep before my mom came in. So, I locked her out. Oops. Well, I got her back from my mosi at 1 in the morning. xP

Part 2
After the religous part of the trip was the adventurous part xD We went from the temple to the camp we were gonna stay at. We went and put away the suitcases and had lunch. Oh, before the rest, the tents were luxiourous. Sure, no AC, but it was an actual toilet, a shower, and two pretty nice beds. And there was running water and electricity. xD Although the power went out a lot and I had to take a piss in the dark (thank god I didn't miss). So, as per the requirements of the camp, we had to whitewater rafting. So, we got a run down on rating commands, how to paddle, and what to do when we fell out and stuff. We took our cars and went down to the place where we were going to walk down to the rivers. Oh, interesting fact, Indians drive on the left side of the road officially, but they really drive on both sides. So, we went into our raft, and started off. All the kids and my mom and my maami were in one raft, all the scared adults in the other. We went off, and went on the first rapid named "Initiation Body Surfing." Well, thats what our instructor called it. But it was pretty rough, and after it, it was about a 1/4 kilometer of steady water. So, out of boredom, my oldest cousin got up, and JUMPED into the water. Yea, 20 feet deep, 17 degrees celcius, and clinging on the lifeline for dear life. But, it looked fun. So everyone but my sister, my mom and my maami jumped in too. Including the instructor. But, he came up himself, and all the other rafts started copying us for the hell of it. Even my cousin who is NINE years old jumped in, and it felt good since it was like, 38 degrees outside the water. So, we finished that at around 7, spending about 4 hours dedicated to rafting. We jumped in a second time, and I swam from raft to raft, back and forth, and the two cousins older than me went to far, and had to attach to the kayak that followed us for emergencies. We stopped, and I had off the road Indian food, that would make most people here sick x) We came back, had dinner at 8 in true Indian timing, and had BBQ chicken and indian dishes. The next day, We had rock climbing and my maamaa's birthday. The wall was pretty hard to get up, but he got up the part where it curve out and you climbed like spiderman. We also went to the beach and kayaked and jumped into the water. Then, we drove back to delhi, and it took us 12 hours to do it. I came back at 2 am and had an awesome time
Well, its 11:11 where you guys are, so I'm going to wish for an american wish x)
Thank YOU for reading it ALL and now because you DID I love you and you get preference of choosing what you want me to get you, if I can get you it x)

Friday, June 19, 2009


I got an ipod touch
and Im going to india today
like archie said, send me long emails so I have an excuse when I have an awkward conversation to deal with xD
my email is
Oh, last comic before I leave
and this would probably be me doing this one day

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Whooooo xD

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Fail Blog is soo freaking funny xD

Question: Which is your favorite?

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I just found out that my birthday
is the same as
Perez Hilton (the blog dude)
Two people with the same birthday as me now

I don't know

I feel sentimental today.
So I'm going to be a little close to the heart today x)
I always lived my life by holding no grudges, and no hating. Yet, it is so hard to keep it up. It feels like people just see that as a charade. They don't seem to believe it. Don't worry, this is only referring to some people. But, I don't know. Just because they hate me, doesn't mean I hate them. I think my problem is, that its become so integrated in my life, that I can't even come to hate people in that way. I think it becomes the problem that if someone bothers me like crazy, I can't tell them off
Eh. That wasn't sentimental xD. But, you get the point.
This is short
But I feel like bringing something back from a long time ago
Do you truly hate anyone? Because, I can't. Except maybe...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sarahs SOO funny. Shes gonna hate me.

lavieboyfilm: (6:52:11 PM) your first song is the song mr dalley was playing yesterday...
lavieboyfilm: (6:52:12 PM) :O
sarahz94: (6:53:00 PM) YES IT IS. do you like it?
sarahz94: (6:53:01 PM)
lavieboyfilm: (6:53:03 PM) yea
lavieboyfilm: (6:53:07 PM) and hes really good at singing :O
sarahz94: (6:53:23 PM) yeah he is. he was so into it on friday!
sarahz94: (6:53:27 PM) THAT'S PASSION.
sarahz94: (6:53:28 PM) i want
sarahz94: (6:53:29 PM) passion
sarahz94: (6:53:32 PM)
sarahz94: (6:53:37 PM) OH WAIT
sarahz94: (6:53:37 PM) NOT
sarahz94: (6:53:39 PM) THAT
sarahz94: (6:53:40 PM) MR DALLY
lavieboyfilm: (6:53:41 PM) then get into bed with
sarahz94: (6:53:41 PM) BUT
sarahz94: (6:53:43 PM) YEAH
lavieboyfilm: (6:53:43 PM) DAM
sarahz94: (6:53:44 PM) D:
sarahz94: (6:53:48 PM) NOO
lavieboyfilm: (6:53:49 PM) you stopped me
lavieboyfilm: (6:53:50 PM) xD
sarahz94: (6:53:50 PM) MEANIT LIKE THAT
sarahz94: (6:53:51 PM) D:
sarahz94: (6:53:53 PM) AHAHHAHAHAH
lavieboyfilm: (6:54:00 PM) although
lavieboyfilm: (6:54:02 PM) i was gonna say charles
lavieboyfilm: (6:54:04 PM) not mr dalley
lavieboyfilm: (6:54:05 PM) xD
sarahz94: (6:54:20 PM) i don't think charles has passion in bed. AHAHA



It was kind of complicated
We didn't learn about 1/4 of it beforehand
Sparknotes was the only reason I got those questions
It was basically like, one of Mrs. Perry's tests on Crack
Her hardest one at that.
I met our Key Club LTG too. He was in my room
And he is pretty awesome
To find out what an LTG is, join Key Club!
And the SAT?
I'm Screwed.
Oh, and legally, I cannot tell you the questions
Yeah, they made me write a statement and sign it to assure they had it in writing.
They also made me do it another time before it too.
So, yea.
Ask me about it later.
And, Because of it, I slept for 4 hours
Good Luck to everyone else x)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


New music!
at the bottom
took a while x)

Monday, June 1, 2009


He didn't train
just swam with CAC and ran with PE
he is the IRONMAN

Who is this man?

Chris Platt xD