Tuesday, July 28, 2009


TWO OF YOU told me to update my blog and have lonng posts
well, I can do the first, but not the second
All I have done is gone biking!
Maybe on saturday!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

THE world has been read

Finished The World Is Flat at eleven twenty-seven and twenty seven seconds on tuesday the twenty-first of the seventh month on the gregorian calendar!


Monday, July 20, 2009

All the people I have seen this summer

And I mean class of 2012
in order

Josh (random at the office)
Emily Liu (the movies and tc)
Julian (borders)
Chris (his HOUSE)
Opal (outside her HOUSE)
Renz (Walmart!)
Sagar (Yogurtland area on pioneer)

I have no summer life.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today was fun

I went to christophers house!
It was fun, because I biked there, and got lost 3.1 miles on the way (he is 3.3 miles away from my house xD) His dog is cool!
We went to his room (no dirty thinking ;D) and he showed me a pretty cool game online. THEN we played on his facebook and stuff, and and and had fun. Gamecube and all, beating up ghost monsters in return of the king, and him beating me up in smash bros. Like true big guy beating up small guy xD
After unlocking falco and luigi for him (and having dinner, where I saw Chris eat the most I've ever seen him eat... more than me...) we biked back to my house. A different way then I came too! Fun fun fun
With our limited time, we went to opal's and surprised her! And now, we are going to do some real max biking. oh yea. beat that.

No matter what you think

These werent reedited in paint or done in photoshop. Its freakishly real.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm bored

But I should post
Funny story: I was volunteering at the office today and my mom called for summer academy, and I pretended to be all like official, and she didn't even recognize my voice xD
I have only seen one person from our class this whole time
And that was only because of office volunteering -.-

Save me?

I'm Mr Lonely,
I have nobody,
For my owwnnn
I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely
I have nobody,
For my owwnnn
I'm so lonely

-Bobby Vitton

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is a little over the top

I don't get you guys
but I have one thing to say
I love The World is Flat and Fast Food Nation

Monday, July 13, 2009

Did say I'd do it

And I guess I have to
The whole, tribute to people through the school year thing
like tims and emmas and priyankas from WEEKS ago, its in no particulare order
But, as a gentleman, I must let the girls be first x)


Emily C. - For putting up with me being forgetful about our movie, and writing the script. And for staying my friend, even if we are at different schools x) I promise to get a room for the movie soon. Lets film what can, yea?

Alice - For being one of the first people to talk to me when I sat next to you in bio. For putting me straight and making fun of me. And for shouting at me. Those were fun times. 4 classes, and each of them meant more horrible Alice. Just kidding x)

Isabel - I didn't even know your name when you first said hi. That scared me. You were like, the center of attention (with Alice) and I was wondering why you became my friend. My belly misses the rubbing. xD

Emma - I can't believe you think I'm smart xO. I remember the triangle we made in Brice, because Jenny was always on her ipod. Woohoo times at R4L with renz, you getting mad at me for asking "How heavy are you?" and those random times I poked you. Bakesales too! I can't wait for English nexr year. And, don't break tim! not just his heart, in general!

Shivanti - You were an awesome welcoming crew. You helped all us new kids feel better about being put in a smart school x) All those times after water polo at your locker. I always told my mom it ended at 5:30 so she wouldnt pick me up too early x) Good luck with purple, and being one of the people I trust x)

Sarah - We came MUCH closer this year. And it was nice to make friends with you. All of the January excitement. And you tricking me with your cousin thingy. I WILL get back at you for that. Somehow, somewhere. Those talks on AIM, and you getting mad at me for "hitting" on you.

Emily L. - I met you for the benefit for the blind concert, and you have been a great frind ever since. It feels good to be one of your few freshman friends (which is one thing I have to help you work on). I love how you think I'm a flirt, and you have your little adventures. And yes, I did hire that guy xD

Opal - You put up with all those jokes about me and you, and you are like, the closest friend I still have from leal. You know a good many of my secrets, and you always fell for tricks I had. Three classes next year are gonna be epic, and fun x) And we both need to reach for a better GPA xD


Tim - He did tell me to not forget him xD You were like, the only other guy from our group to come to whitney. You were good at everything I wasn't good at, espescially with girls xD Those times when you were mad at me were hard to handle, but it helped me too x) Buddha palms, swim, water polo, and all those random fact talks. Its yet another year with no classes with you, but that shouldnt be a problem x) You changed a lot, but at least you are still tim.

Chris - The white guy that I don't even remember how I became such cool friends with. The white guy who still won't tell me anything, including his middle name, and the asian guy who still is freaking smart. Our dalley square was awesome, and so was January. I love those contradictory statements you make, and the fact that you will not get a relationship. Just don't be death for this friendship xD

Renz - I met you halfway through the year, and it was one of the most awesome friendships ever made. All of our little things, like "POOF" and *furious wave with large smile* and our funny little things too xD. Three classes next year is gonna rock xD

Charlie - I know I was a jerk a lot. We both had our flaws, but you were a good friend. Its just sad that no one tried to ever get to know you better, and just assumed more about you. And I apologize for what happened those last days of school.

Sagar - You were the other fat Indian. Yes, I did talk behind you back, and yes I made fun o you, but you are truly a good friend with a big heart x) You may be a little arrogant(xD) and over reactive, but you still were a good friend.

Miguel - My dirty friend that always helped me assume things. You also we a freaking awesome friend at times, and you were a part of the great dalley square. And you were the creator of many of the jokes x)

Nitin - MY INDIAN PAL. And the awesome person who I knew from sunday school and was introduced to the curry crew. I had all my real honors classes with you, and of course, you had higher grades almost always. You laughed at every joke, and were my intellectual conversation. Hopefully, we have a bunch of classes together xD

Nelson - Um, He was definitely a lot of the funniest parts of my year. But one year was enough xD

If I forgot you, tell me, and in return, I'll make a compltely new post just for you guys xD

Saturday, July 11, 2009


im returning from india!! haha, you must suffer xD

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If there's anything I need to do

remind me on this post. I just know about giving credit for friends, and others. And, for people's birthdays I missed, i got you guys stuff x)

Monday, July 6, 2009

I know

Its a day late
but its only because
Im in india
and access to a computer is FREAKING hard. Because my dad uses it all the time.
But, happy birthday tim!
Wish I could've gone to your party. Missed it the second year in a row xO
Three years, all the way back to Mrs. West's room in seventh grade, with you, me, Emily, and Yuleen. Those were FUNN times x)
Back when we had the loser table and I gave up lunch helper to join in x)
Back when it was hard for you to actually woo a girl and we had to make you dance with her at promotion dance
Back when the times were only our little group. x)
Even now, with all these people
Its still pretty tite.
And I WILL get back at your for the cousin thing.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have another time to be free
I'm sick.
I have a sore throat, a headache, stomachache, and my legs hurt so much i can't stand striaght for more than 4 minutes.
I think I got it from the ganges. Eh, oh well. Immunity for one more sickness x)
While I'm here feeling sick, listen to my new songs.
I found out about both of them while I was here in India.
They are pretty good too x)


PS. Send me emails please!!!! I'm bored because I wake up the earliest no matter what
Peace. I'm overheating x(