Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I just feel like posting today :)
You know, I see ups and downs to being a teenager.
And right now, I'm not sure where I am.
I'm happy, overall, but I feel worked.
I have to take a lot of time out for broadcasting, working me down, but the breaking down of the machine seemed to be a heaven :D
I have to get skinnier with swim, but at least I have fun :)
And, I'm failing school (in comparison to last semester), but I really don't give a damn
Finally, I might be in love, but wow, it feels exhilarating to be single!
Which reminds me, Emily C - we are the only ones single ones left! Our pact is shrinking!

Oh, and I visited USC yesterday. I'm still in love :) Especially with the cinematic arts school and the fact that they are adding onto it.
I should start taking more pictures :) Here's one from USC

I'm in a good mood!
-Avi Bagla

Listening to: Up and Up (Acoustic) - Relient K