Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Man, it's been ages since I posted here...
And actually talked about my feelings.
I agree with Angel though, looking at old posts, you can see how much you mature..
I read some stuff and was like "I thought that was funny? Really? I was sad because of that? I TALKED LIKE THAT?"
Oh, the memories..

On another note

Only 4 more days until you're back. I've been waiting for you, but I guess you're off having fun, like you should be :)
Waiting for you has been harrowing :3 Can't wait to hug you again.

Sorry everyone else, that was probably too mushy :D

I miss youu
1-4-3 <3



Maya said...

That was a good poem atleast it lookedand sounded like one or mabey a love note to someone. that is so cool your just like some of my friends back home totally awsome!

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