Saturday, June 12, 2010


More than a month since my last post eh?
Exactly one month and one week :D
And I really came onto here because ______told me to post on my blog since I hadn't in a long time :)
So, because of that, this post shall be about her
Since my life is not at all that interesting... :D
And maybe I'll try to blog more during the summer :) I do have 51 followers, amazingly! Hello!
Hmm, so what can I write about ______so you guys don't get the wrong idea now, eh? :P (He/she will know who he/she is) :)

Whatever other people say, what they think, I will always consider you a close friend :) You have constantly been the only one there for me whenever I was sad, which was a surprise, because before, no one would be there. Your hugs are awesome! (yesh, quite) and its fun to poke you. And you are not fat!
Inside jokes!
- certain tasty meat you are!
-My (multiple) ticklish spot(s)
- Ten minutes? Mr. Dalley was right :D
- 5 minutes of work done in three hours! YEE!
- And others :P

Well, you might have guessed who it is by now :D And, no matter what happens, I won't think differently of you _______
Buh bye peoples! Be back soon (hopefully!)!

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